SYSTEX Launches SBOX, the first Splunk® Enterprise Powered Appliance

SYSTEX Launches SBOX, the first Splunk® Enterprise Powered Appliance

SYSTEX Corporation, today announced it has launched SBOX appliance, the first and the only appliance available today specifically designed and built for Splunk(R) Enterprise platform, delivering faster time to value and plug-and-play deployment.

“The global big data market size would grow to as high as $23.8 billion dollars in 2016, according to IDC, and Splunk is clearly the No.1 market leader in the big data space. It is a great honor to be the first partner introducing an appliance designed for Splunk. We understand the value of machine data and how to monetize data since partnering with Splunk in the very beginning. We believe SBOX is the spear head to SYSTEX’s international presence in the global big data market which is also in align with our ‘Go Global’ strategy of 2013,” said Frank Lin, CEO, SYSTEX Corporation.

“SYSTEX has always been a great partner of Splunk. We have worked together for many years from jointly developing the Asia Pacific market, establishing the Splunk Solution Lab, and offering Splunk-certified training in the local market. We are excited to see SYSTEX’s commitment to the Splunk ecosystem by offering SBOX appliance. We are confident the combination of Splunk and SBOX will deliver great value added to our customers,” said Godfrey Sullivan, Chairman and CEO, Splunk Inc.

“SBOX appliance is designed and developed based on SYSTEX’s years of field experience of deploying Splunk software. It not only brings to our partners and customers with one-step management interface for Splunk environment but also the intuitive user experience Splunk customers expect. This is the first time Splunk software has been offered in an appliance. We believe SBOX will expand our market reach and accelerate customer adoption,” said Robert Lau, VP of Asia Pacific & Japan, Splunk Inc.

SYSTEX has acquired more than 400 Splunk customers since 2008 and has been involved in hundreds of Splunk use cases and is still growing. The design of SBOX appliance is not only optimized for the hardware performance for Splunk deployment but also for various kinds of Splunk day-to-day operations and management requirements. SBOX appliance combines storage and computing resources for Splunk into a single, integrated system, eliminating the need for an external storage network, such as a SAN or NAS. Data I/O is local to the appliance, yet behaves like centralized storage, delivering improved performance than commodity hardware that allows Splunk users to focus on realizing value from their data rather than managing their hardware infrastructure.

“SBOX appliance is big data ready. It is preloaded with lightweight OS and Splunk software and is ready for deployment out of the box. Users can quickly deploy and scale out by adding more appliances. The Splunk Powered SBOX supports all Splunk features and capabilities such as search head, indexer and forwarders. It is benchmarked and tested by Splunk using Splunk’s standard benchmarking methodology and toolkits and also passed stringent vulnerability tests,” said Johnny Lin, Assistant Vice President of Splunk Lab, SYSTEX Corporation.
SBOX Acknowledged by Splunk Channel Partners and Customers

More than 30 Splunk channel partners and customers in the Asia Pacific region have participated in SBOX appliance beta program. The feedback to SBOX appliance’s converged computing and storage design and user experience is highly positive. “The SBOX appliance’s converged big data computing platform provides added value to our customers experience with Splunk software,” said Munsoor Khan, Managing Director, DNA, a Splunk distribution partner in Australia.

“The data analytics market in Korea is very competitive. SBOX appliance’s integrated offering greatly enhances our competitive advantages,” said Young Cho, CTO, MOS, a Splunk distributor in Korea.

“We are delighted to see the offering of SBOX appliance. The SBOX is great. Its intuitive interfaces brings us great convenience and benefits when deploying Splunk for our customers,” said Keith Lam, consultant, CISSP & Splunk Certified Architect, UDS Data System Ltd, a Splunk distribution partner based in Hong Kong.

Chunghwa Telecom, the largest telecommunications provider in Taiwan has used Splunk for years. “In the past, we needed to source commodity hardware and performance, security and manageability was always a concern. SBOX appliance eliminates any complexity in managing hardware infrastructure for Splunk software deployments, hence allowing us to focus on harnessing our data,” said Roger Liu, PhD, Security Lab, Chunghwa Telecom Research.

In addition to Chunghwa Telecom, SBOX has also recently been adopted by StartHub in Singapore, Telkom Indonesia International in Indonesia. These positive receptions from the market have validated SBOX appliance’s value-add to the Splunk

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