Operation internationalization and Asia champion

SYSTEX Corporation operates its businesses throughout Asia and vows to become a world-class IT services and software services providers comparable to those in China and India.

IT service specialist to help customers succeed

With rich resources and accurate, focus and clear service beliefs, SYSTEX Corporation provides customers with strategic IT applications and value-added services to help customers build IT environments of greater flexibility so that they can focus on their core businesses and create performance excellence. We make it simple, you profit from it.

Quality is the basic of our services

Every SYSTEX employee is the guarding angel of quality. Quality to us means to do the right thing at the first time, to finish all tasks at the first try, and to do it better in the next time and even better the time after next, until the customer requirement are met and surpassed. Therefore, either the professional management services or technical certifications meet the international standards and connect with the world.

Partnership together with customers

To understand the market of customers is an important issue to us because it is the only way to allow customers feel free to let us finish critical IT implementation tasks for them. Therefore, customer approval and trust is the key of our continual growth, and the success of customers is also our success.

Integrity, Innovation, Profit and Performance: SYSTEX Core Values

  • Integrity: to be honest to one another, trust one another, to have courage to take responsibility in order to win the trust and respect from customers, colleagues and other interested parties.
  • Innovation: Continue to learn, dare to try and to take risk, and to make continual improvement in order to surpass the customer’s expectation.
  • Profit: To pursue sustainable profit and growth and to create the biggest value for customers, employees and shareholders.
  • Performance: To endeavor to surpass our performance commitments in order to enhance self-contributions and self-value.